A roundup of a few of our recent 5-Star Google Reviews and Trustpilot Reviews for NXTGEN Energy Reviews for May 2024.


Faultless from start to finish. Couldn’t have received a better service!

I started looking into solar panels and a battery and stumbled across NXTGEN from Facebook. I reached out to them and dealt with Bobby, Bobby is incredibly knowledgeable and a genuinely nice guy. He answered lots of questions, designed multiple options for me, but most of all he listened and offered his professional opinion.

Unlike other companies I spoke to Bobby understood why we wanted solar, why we wanted the GivEnergy battery and our budget to design a system that would work brilliantly.

NXTGEN offered a personal service rather than the generic 4 bed hour is 12 or 16 panels etc, they listen and come up with the best solution.

After we settled on the set-up we were passed to Kelly. Kelly handled all the admin side and seemed to always want to help.

There were no delays on NXTGENs side and managed to get all our certificates etc quicker than expected.

Once it was all agreed, deposit paid etc it came onto the installation.

NXTGENs scaffolding arm came and put up the scaffolding on Wednesday, lovely chaps all very polite , respectful and friendly.

Thursday the solar team turned up and set straight to work fitting the 20 panels, inverter and battery. Yet again, a lovely bunch of guys who were all polite, respectful and friendly. It was a two day install and they completed it on Friday. They showed me the whole system got it all up and running, apps connected etc.

I would genuinely recommend them to everyone and have already passed on their details to my work and friends. They offer a great service at a very competitive price.

Solar feels like the new double glazing sales where you get pestered and pushed into options. However that is completely not how NXTGEN operate, they are the complete opposite.

We opted for 20 panels, 5kwh inverter and a 9.6kwh battery. While the inverter is slightly undersized, we achieve great energy even in cloudy conditions, we only lose out on super sunny days and it wasn’t worth for us to get the bigger more expensive inverter.

Date of experience: 23 May 2024

Brian Ainger

Choosing a solar installer is a nightmare, we are so glad that we found NXTGEN. From the initial contact with Steve, the quote from Bobby and the installation by Connor and his team this has been seamless and stress free. They supplied quality equipment at a reasonable price, excellent technical knowledge and advice, all supplied and installed on time. As anyone knows its so difficult to choose a company as there are so many pitfalls , we cannot recommend NXTGEN highly enough so pleased we chose you.

Date of experience: 1 May 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Panels

Is it worth getting solar panels in the UK?

The short answer is yes. Solar panels can cut 70% off your energy bills, and that proportion is growing as gas bills rise. No wonder installations have risen by 45% in the last three years, and shot up by 80% in the last year alone. But solar panels are an investment.

How many solar panels are needed to power an average house UK?

1-2 bedroom property, 8 solar panels generating about 2,100 kWh a year.
3 bedroom property, 12 solar panels generating about 3,100 kWh a year.
4-5 bedroom property, 16 solar panels generating about 4,200 kWh a year.

How long does it take for solar panels to pay for themselves UK?

The answer depends on how much you pay for the solar panels, how much your electricity would otherwise cost, how much green energy the panels make from the sunshine you get, and whether you have a battery installed or not. The average payback period for solar PV is coming down and can be about 10 to 20 years depending on your system.

How long do solar panels last?

The industry standard for most solar panels’ lifespans is 25 to 30 years. Most reputable manufacturers offer production warranties for 25 years or more. The average break even point for solar panel energy savings occurs six to 10 years after installation.

Do solar panels increase home value?

Whilst there is no hard and fast rule as to how much value solar panels can add to the overall value of your property, suggestions range from 4% to 14% on average and they are certainly unlikely to detract from the value of your home, even if they aren’t the most attractive feature visually.

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