Octopus Energy has recently announced an exciting new partnership with The Hill Group, a renowned housebuilder.

Together, they will embark on a project to construct 89 remarkable homes that are not only powered by solar energy but also offer residents the incredible benefit of zero energy bills.

These innovative houses will be equipped with a range of cutting-edge low-carbon technologies, including solar panels, home storage batteries, and heat pumps. The combined capacity of these technologies will surpass the energy requirements of each home, ensuring an abundance of clean and sustainable energy. Octopus Energy’s advanced Kraken platform will seamlessly integrate and optimize these technologies, further enhancing their efficiency.

To cater to the diverse needs of homeowners, the size of the batteries installed will vary between 9.5kWh and 13.5kWh, depending on the size of the property. Similarly, the number of solar panels will be tailored to the property’s dimensions, ranging from 18 to 24 panels.

Situated in the picturesque Hollymead Square in Newport Essex, these exceptional properties will consist of two to five bedroom houses and two bedroom bungalows. What sets these homes apart is the guarantee that residents will not have to pay any energy bills for a minimum of five years, providing them with unparalleled financial relief and peace of mind.

Out of the 89 houses, 64 will be available for purchase on the open market, while the remaining 25 will be allocated for affordable rent and shared ownership through the esteemed social housing provider, Clarion House Group.

This venture follows Octopus Energy’s recent endeavour in Stafford, West Midlands, where they commenced the construction of three remarkable ‘zero bills’ homes. These homes are set to hit the market this month, showcasing the company’s commitment to revolutionizing the housing industry. Octopus Energy has set an ambitious goal of constructing 50,000 zero bills homes worldwide by 2025, demonstrating their dedication to creating sustainable and cost-effective living solutions.

Octopus Energy’s partnership with The Hill Group will further accelerate their mission of creating sustainable and affordable housing. The Hill Group, known for their expertise in construction and development, will bring valuable insights and resources to the table. Together, they aim to not only meet but exceed the target of constructing 50,000 zero bills homes worldwide by 2025. This collaboration marks a significant step towards a greener future and a testament to the power of innovative partnerships in driving positive change.

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FAQ: Octopus Energy & The Hill Group Zero Bills Homes

What are “Zero Bills” homes?

These are specially designed houses equipped with solar panels, home batteries, and heat pumps, generating enough renewable energy to cover residents’ needs for at least five years, resulting in zero energy bills.

What energy technologies are used?

Homes feature solar panels (18-24 panels), home storage batteries (9.5kWh-13.5kWh), and air source heat pumps, all optimized by Octopus Energy’s Kraken platform for maximum efficiency.

Where are these homes located?

The first 89 are in Hollymead Square, Newport Essex, with a mix of 2-5 bedroom houses and 2-bedroom bungalows.

Are all homes for sale?

No, 64 homes are for open market purchase, while the other 25 homes are allocated for affordable rent and shared ownership with the Clarion House Group.

When will these homes be available?

Construction is underway, with some homes slated for completion this month (January 2024).

What are the benefits of these homes?

Residents enjoy five years of zero energy bills, financial savings, environmental benefits from clean energy use, and peace of mind with energy security.

Is this Octopus Energy’s first project?

No, they’ve built three “Zero Bills” homes in Stafford, UK, and aim for 50,000 zero bills homes globally by 2025.

What’s the significance of this partnership?

It combines Octopus Energy’s renewable energy expertise with The Hill Group’s construction experience to accelerate the development of sustainable and affordable housing.

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