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Dunstable House 

NXTGEN Energy residential solar panels case study of an install of a Solar Panel System of 18 TrinaSolar Vertex S+ 435W Dual Glass N-Type Solar Panels (7.83 kWp Solar PV System) on the roof of a house in Harlington, Dunstable, UK. Remember we’re MCS Certified Solar PV Installers and also MCS Certified Battery Storage Installers, we’re 1 of only 10 Essex Solar Installers that can install your complete Solar PV System to the high standards required by MCS Certification. We are also HIES, NAPIT and  TrustMark accredited installers. Download Case Study PDF.

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Residential Solar Panels Case Study 1: Solar PV System in Dunstable

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This case study delves into a residential solar panel installation of a 7.83 kWp solar PV system in Dunstable, designed and professionally installed by MCS Certified Solar PV Installers NXTGEN Energy Ltd. We’ll explore the technical details, financial projections, and environmental impact of this solar panel system.

Solar Project Details

Installer: NXTGEN Energy Ltd.

Location: Harlington, Dunstable, UK
Technology: 18 TrinaSolar Vertex S+ 435W Dual Glass N-Type Solar Panels (7.83 kWp Solar PV System)
Installation: January 2024

Solar Solution

NXTGEN Energy Solar Energy Specialist Bobby proposed a 7.83 kWp solar PV system tailored to the specific needs and roof characteristics of this customers home.

Here’s a breakdown of the key components:

  • Powerhouse Panels: 18 TrinaSolar Vertex S+ 435W Dual Glass N-Type panels boast superior light capture and high reliability, even in harsh conditions. Their white backsheet enhances aesthetics and improves the temperature management of the solar panels.
  • Inverter Brains: The Growatt SPH 6kW Dual MPPT Hybrid Inverter efficiently converts DC (direct current) electricity from the solar panels to usable AC (alternating current) power for your home appliances. Its dual MPPT technology maximizes solar energy harvest by tracking the performance of individual panels, under uneven sunlight conditions.
  • Battery Backup: The Growatt GBLI 6.5kWh LFP Solar Battery Storage empowers energy independence. Excess solar energy is effectively  stored, allowing you to tap into clean power even when the sun sets or hides behind clouds, which happens a lot in the UK.
  • Solid Foundations: The Fastensol pitched roof solar panel mounting system, specifically designed for concrete tiles, secures the solar panels firmly and reliably, weathering the elements easily.

Solar Results

  • Sun-kissed Savings: This Solar PV Array has an estimated annual energy generation of 6,766 kWh translates to potential savings of about £3,000 in the first year alone. Over the solar PV system’s expected lifespan of 25 years, the financial gains can be substantial.
  • Payback Period: The initial investment of just over £9,800 is projected to be recouped within 3 years through reduced electricity bills. This timeframe makes the solar system an attractive investment, especially considering the rising cost of National Grid-supplied electricity.
  • Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) Scheme: This UK government scheme rewards homeowners who export excess solar energy back to the National Grid. With an estimated 2,656 kWh of excess solar energy exported annually, you could earn income from your solar PV system while contributing to a cleaner energy future in the UK.

Solar Impact

  • Carbon Footprint Reduction: By displacing National Grid-sourced electricity, this solar PV system is estimated to save about 1,400 kg of CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions annually. This translates to the environmental equivalent of planting about 66 new trees or taking a car off the road for about 5,000 miles.
  • Clean Energy Champion: By generating their own clean power, the customer will be actively contributing to the fight against climate change and promoting a more sustainable future for the UK.


  • Shading Analysis: The property has a potential shading factor (SF) of 1.00, indicating a minimal shading impact on the solar PV system’s output. However, NXTGEN Energy did a thorough on-site assessment to confirm this and identify any potential obstacles with the solar PV system installation.
  • Roof Suitability: NXTGEN Energy also ensured the roof structure could safely support the weight and wind load of the solar PV system. A site survey determined its suitability and any necessary reinforcements.
  • Upfront Investment: While the long-term financial benefits are promising, the initial cost is a significant factor. Exploring financing options and government incentives like the Green Deal Loan can make the investment more manageable.


The solar PV system installed in Dunstable presents a compelling case for harnessing the power of sunshine. With its potential for significant financial savings, reduced environmental impact, and increased energy independence, it’s a worthwhile investment for not only the eco-conscious homeowner, but for all homeowners in the UK. Careful consideration of technical specifications, financial projections, and potential challenges helps ensure a successful solar journey with the expert solar energy team at NXTGEN Energy Ltd.

Remember, this case study is just a starting point. Consulting with a qualified solar PV installer like NXTGEN Energy for a personalised assessment and free no-obligation quote on 01268 928 690 or email info@nxtgen.ltd tailored to your specific property and needs is crucial before making any final decisions. Let the sun power your future, one bright kilowatt at a time!

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Matt Alexander’s Story

A 5-Star Review of NXTGEN Energy’s Products & Services

The work’s been done to an incredibly high standard. The cabling is really neat, the system is performing fantastically well, and we can’t believe how much money we’ve saved already. So, generally a big thank you to Stuart, Kelly and everyone at the NXTGEN team, who have done a really, really good job from start to finish.

We really couldn’t be more pleased.

Matt Alexander

NXTGEN Energy Customer, Essex, UK

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Bronze Solar Package

8 x PV Panels, 1 x 6.5 KWh Battery, 1 x Inverter.

Our bronze solar package produces 2.6 Kw of Solar PV and provides 6.5 KWh of Battery Storage.

Silver Solar Package

12 x PV Panels, 1 x 6.5 KWh Battery, 1 x Inverter.

Our silver solar package produces 5.32 Kw of Solar PV and provides 6.5 KWh of Battery Storage.

Gold Solar Package

16 x PV Panels, 2 x 6.5 KWh Battery, 1 x Solar Edge Inverter.

Our gold solar package produces 6.08 Kw of Solar PV and provides 13 KWh of Battery Storage.

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