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School Solar Panels

Run your school or academy on renewable energy by installing solar panels and save up to 50% on your school electricity bills with the help of the solar energy experts at NXTGEN Energy Ltd. We are MCS Certified Solar Panel Installers and MCS Certified Battery Storage Installers. This makes us 1 of only 10 solar energy installers in Essex that can install your complete Solar PV System to the high standards as required by MCS Certification.
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School Solar Panel Installers for Schools, Academies and Colleges


NXTGEN Energy Ltd., a leading provider of sustainable energy solutions, is proud to announce its latest initiative to bring solar power to schools across the country. As part of their commitment to environmental stewardship and education, NXTGEN Energy Ltd. is partnering with schools to install solar panels on their rooftops.

By utilizing solar energy, schools will not only reduce their carbon footprint, but also save on energy costs, allowing them to allocate more resources to education. In addition, students will have the opportunity to learn about renewable energy firsthand, reinforcing the importance of sustainability in today’s world.

“We are excited to spearhead this initiative to bring solar power to schools,” said Sam Barr, Director of NXTGEN Energy Ltd. “Not only will it benefit the environment, but it will also provide valuable learning opportunities for students. Our hope is that these installations will inspire the next generation to prioritize sustainability in all aspects of their lives.”

NXTGEN Energy Ltd. is currently working with several schools to install solar panels, with plans to expand to more institutions in the future. For more information about NXTGEN Energy Ltd. and their school solar panel installations.

As TrustMark Accredited and MCS Certified Solar Panel Installers and MCS Certified Battery Storage Installers, we can now install your complete solar PV system to MCS standards. We also provide full customer protection through the HIES, MCS and NAPIT schemes. You can find all our certificates online. Check our certificates at: https://mcscertified.com


Somers Heath School Complete

Somers Heath School, South Ockendon, Essex, UK

The NXTGEN Energy Team Installed:

– 138 x Trina Vertex S+ 435W panels (50kWp)
– Growatt Inverter
– Access supplied by Next Generation Scaffolding

The Benefits of School Solar

Installing solar panels at your school can enhance its independence, eco-friendliness, and profitability. Here are some of the advantages of transitioning your business to solar energy:

By harnessing the power of the sun, you can avoid the escalating costs of National Grid electricity. This allows you to take charge of your energy expenses and budget more effectively.

Furthermore, switching to solar energy enables you to decrease your greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change. Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy is clean and sustainable, making it a responsible choice for the environment.

In addition to the environmental benefits, solar panels can also help you save money on energy costs. By reducing your electricity consumption and potentially selling surplus power back to the National Grid or storing it in batteries, you can generate additional income for your school.

Moreover, embracing solar energy can enhance your school’s reputation and image as a green institution. Parents and students are increasingly drawn to schools that prioritize sustainability and environmental stewardship. By making the switch to solar power, you can set yourself apart from competitors and earn greater trust and loyalty from your community.

As TrustMark Accredited and MCS Certified Solar Panel Installers and MCS Certified Battery Storage Installers, we can now install your complete school solar PV system to MCS standards. We also provide full customer protection through the HIES, MCS and NAPIT schemes. Check certificates: mcscertified.com

Somers Heath School Complete

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School Solar Panel Project: Dilkes Academy

Dilkes Academy School Complete Solar Panels Installation Essex UK
Dilkes Academy School Solar Panels on Roof
Dilkes Academy School Inverter


In the midst of December 2023, amidst festive cheer and chilly winds, Dilkes Academy School in South Ockendon, Essex, UK, took a significant step towards environmental sustainability. Partnering with NXTGEN Energy Ltd., the school embraced clean energy by installing a robust solar panel system on its premises. This case study delves into the details of this project, exploring its benefits, challenges, and the potential it holds for similar educational institutions.

Solar Project Details

Installer: NXTGEN Energy Ltd.

Location: Dilkes Academy School, South Ockendon, Essex, UK
Technology: 45 TrinaSolar Vertex S 425W (19kWp) Solar Panels
Installation: December 2023


  • Environmental Impact: The 19kWp system is estimated to generate around 16,000 kWh of clean electricity annually, offsetting roughly 10 tonnes of CO2 emissions. This translates to a significant reduction in the school’s carbon footprint and contributes positively to combating climate change.
  • Financial Savings: Over its lifespan, the system is expected to generate substantial financial savings on electricity bills. These savings can be reinvested in educational resources, infrastructure upgrades, or other school priorities.
  • Educational Value: The solar panels act as a living learning tool, providing teachers and students with a tangible way to understand renewable energy concepts and their practical applications. This fosters environmental awareness and empowers students to become responsible citizens.


  • Roof suitability: Assessing the roof’s structural integrity and ensuring compatibility with the chosen solar panel system was crucial. NXTGEN Energy’s expertise in evaluating and handling such challenges ensured a smooth installation process.
  • Weather considerations: Installing during the winter months presented logistical challenges due to colder temperatures and shorter daylight hours. NXTGEN Energy’s skilled technicians adapted their approach to ensure timely and efficient completion.

Future Potential

Dilkes Academy’s initiative sets a positive precedent for other schools in the UK. As energy costs continue to rise and environmental concerns escalate, solar panels offer a viable solution for educational institutions to secure their energy independence, reduce costs, and promote sustainability. NXTGEN Energy, with its proven track record in school solar panel projects, is well-positioned to guide other schools on their renewable energy journey.


The Dilkes Academy and NXTGEN Energy partnership demonstrates the compelling benefits of integrating solar energy into school infrastructure. By harnessing the power of the sun, Dilkes Academy is not only saving money and reducing its environmental impact, but also fostering a culture of sustainability and environmental awareness among its students. This project paves the way for broader adoption of solar energy in the educational sector, contributing to a greener future for generations to come.

The Dilkes Academy School is an example of how commercial solar panels can help schools (and colleges and universities) cut energy costs, reduce carbon emissions, and attract eco-conscious parents and students. NXTGEN Energy was able to provide a tailored solar energy solution that met the Dilkes Academy’s needs and expectations.

Are you a Academy, School, College or University that is interested in going green with commercial solar panels? Get in contact with us today on 01268 928 690 or email info@nxtgen.ltd for a free quote.

School Solar Panels: The Benefits

Benyons School Commercial Solar Panels
School solar panels offer numerous benefits that make them a worthwhile investment for educational institutions. First and foremost, they provide a sustainable source of energy, reducing the school’s reliance on fossil fuels and decreasing its carbon footprint. This not only helps the environment but also teaches students about the importance of renewable energy.

Additionally, solar panels can help schools save money on their electricity bills in the long run, freeing up resources to be allocated towards other areas such as academic programs or facilities.

Furthermore, installing solar panels can serve as a valuable educational tool, allowing students to learn about how solar energy works and giving them hands-on experience with sustainable technology. Overall, school solar panels are a smart choice for schools looking to reduce costs, teach environmental stewardship, and invest in the future of their students.

If you want to see how we have helped other schools go green, check out our school solar panel installations. You will see how our team of solar energy experts can help you plug into the sun and help your school, academy or college join the green revolution!

School Solar Panel Project: Somers Heath School

Somers Heath School Complete
Somers Heath School Complete
Somers Heath School Complete
Somers Heath School Complete
Somers Heath School Complete


NXTGEN Energy Ltd., a leading renewable energy provider in the UK, partnered with Somers Heath School in South Ockendon, Essex to install a comprehensive solar panel system in February 2024. This collaborative effort exemplifies NXTGEN’s dedication to empowering educational institutions with sustainable energy solutions.

Solar Project Details

  • Client: Somers Heath School
  • Location: South Ockendon, Essex, UK
  • Project Timeline: February 2024
  • Installer: NXTGEN Energy Ltd.
  • Panels:
    • Quantity: 138 Trina Vertex S+ 435W solar panels
    • Specifications:
      • High efficiency for optimal energy generation
      • Tier 1 Brand, ensuring quality and reliability
  • Inverter: Growatt Inverter
    • Function: Converts DC (Direct Current) electricity from the panels into usable AC (Alternating Current) electricity
    • Capacity: Carefully chosen to match the system’s power output and meet the school’s energy demands
  • Scaffolding Access: Next Generation Scaffolding Ltd
    • Provided safe and secure working conditions for the installation team

Solar Project Scope

  • Site assessment: NXTGEN’s team conducted a thorough evaluation of the school’s roof space, including size, orientation, and structural integrity, to determine suitability for solar panel installation.
  • System design: A customized solar power system was designed, considering the school’s electricity consumption patterns, roof characteristics, and budget constraints. This ensured optimal energy production and financial viability.
  • Project management: NXTGEN oversaw the entire project lifecycle, from obtaining necessary permits to coordinating with relevant stakeholders, ensuring a smooth and efficient execution.
  • Installation: The experienced team from NXTGEN, with safe access provided by Next Generation Scaffolding, meticulously installed the solar panels, inverter, and electrical wiring, adhering to strict safety regulations and industry best practices.
  • Commissioning and testing: Upon completion, the system underwent rigorous testing and commissioning to verify performance and ensure it meets all safety standards.

Solar Project Benefits 

  • Financial savings: The solar panels are anticipated to generate a substantial portion of the school’s electricity requirements, leading to significant cost reductions on their energy bills over the system’s lifespan. This financial benefit can be reinvested in other educational resources or school improvement initiatives.
  • Reduced carbon footprint: By harnessing clean and renewable solar energy, Somers Heath School is actively contributing to mitigating climate change. The generated solar power translates to a lower reliance on fossil fuels and a smaller carbon footprint for the school.
  • Educational value: The solar panel installation serves as a valuable educational tool, offering students firsthand exposure to renewable energy technology and its environmental benefits. This can inspire future generations to embrace sustainability practices.
  • Increased property value: Studies suggest that buildings with solar panels can command a higher market value. This potential increase in property value is an added benefit for the school.

Future Outlook

NXTGEN Energy is committed to empowering educational institutions across the UK to harness the power of solar energy. They plan to share details of additional successful school solar panel projects soon, further demonstrating their dedication to a sustainable future for the education sector.


The successful solar panel installation at Somers Heath School serves as a model for other educational institutions seeking to embrace clean energy solutions. This collaborative project between NXTGEN Energy, Next Generation Scaffolding, and Somers Heath School exemplifies the positive impact renewable energy can have on both the environment and educational institutions.

The Somers Heath School is an example of how commercial solar panels can help schools (and colleges and universities) cut energy costs, reduce carbon emissions, and attract eco-conscious parents and students. NXTGEN Energy was able to provide a tailored solar energy solution that met the Somers Heath School’s needs and expectations.

Are you an Academy, School, College or even a  University that is interested in going green with school solar panels? Get in contact with us at NXTGEN Energy today on 01268 928 690 or email info@nxtgen.ltd for a free quote.

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Our Latest School Solar Panel Projects

Photos of our latest installations of School Solar Panels, Solar Inverters and Solar Battery Storage for schools across the UK

Somers Heath School Complete
Somers Heath School Complete
Somers Heath School Complete
Somers Heath School Complete
Beacontree Primary School
Quarry Hill School Completed Install
Benyons School Commercial Solar Panels
Dilkes Academy School Complete Solar Panels Installation Essex UK

School Solar Panels FAQs

Looking for more information on School Solar Panels – here are some of the common questions we’re frequently asked.

If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us on 01268 928 690, via our Contact Page, or via email at info@nxtgen.ltd and ask, we are here to help.


What are the benefits of solar panels for schools?
  • Reduced energy bills: Schools can save a significant amount of money on their electricity costs by generating their own clean energy.
  • Lower carbon footprint: Solar panels help schools reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and their overall environmental impact.
  • Educational opportunities: Schools can use solar panels as a teaching tool to educate students about renewable energy, sustainability, and climate change.
  • Potential income: Some schools can sell excess electricity generated by their solar panels back to the National Grid.
How much do solar panels cost for schools?
The cost of solar panels for schools in the UK can vary depending on several factors, including:

  • Size of the solar panel system needed
  • Location of the school, academy or college
  • Type of solar panels used
  • If solar batteries are required 

On average, systems can range from £10,000 to £50,000 or more, but to get an accurate quote you can call us on 01268 928 690.

Are there financial incentives for schools to install solar panels?
Yes, there are several government grants and schemes available to help schools finance solar panel installations. These include:

  • Salix Finance: Provides interest-free loans for energy efficiency projects in the public sector.
  • Community-funded schemes: Several organizations offer programs where the local community helps fund solar panel installations for schools.
How can my school learn more about getting solar panels?
Several resources can help your school explore the possibility of installing solar panels:

  • NXTGEN Energy Ltd: NXTGEN Energy  specializes in solar panel installation for schools, academies and college and can provide tailored solar energy advice and free quotes.
  • Solar for Schools: A charity that helps schools with the entire process of installing and utilizing solar panels.
Where can I find examples of schools with solar panels?
You can read more about NXTGEN Energy’s successful school solar panel installations on our Case Studies page.