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Commercial Solar Panels 

Run your business on renewable energy by installing commercial solar panels and save up to 50% on your business electricity bills with the help of the solar energy experts at NXTGEN Energy Ltd. We are MCS Certified Solar Panel Installers and MCS Certified Battery Storage Installers. This makes us 1 of only 10 solar energy installers in Essex that can install your complete Solar PV System to the high standards as required by MCS Certification.

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Commercial Solar Panel Installers for Businesses


Solar panels are not only good for the environment, but also for your business. Whether you sell sweets or cars, you can benefit from generating your own clean and cheap electricity from the sun. Most businesses work during the day, when solar panels can capture the most sunlight and convert it into power. This way, you can run your company on solar energy and reduce your dependence on the National Grid.

Solar electricity is much more affordable than National Grid electricity. The average cost of solar electricity over its lifetime is only about 5.5p per kWh, while the average National Grid electricity price is 12.8p per kWh. This means that by installing solar panels, you can cut your electricity bill by almost half and save money in the long run. Plus, you can also lower your business carbon footprint and show your customers that you care about the environment and the planet.

As a commercial solar panel installer in the UK we lead by example. We are driven not only by our commitment to solar power for the future, but also to provide transparency. Making our customers our top priority.

As TrustMark Accredited and MCS Certified Solar Panel Installers and MCS Certified Battery Storage Installers, we can now install your complete solar PV system to MCS standards. We also provide full customer protection through the HIES, MCS and NAPIT schemes. You can find all our certificates online. Check our certificates at: https://mcscertified.com


Oyster Fleet Commercial Solar Install Photo
Oysterfleet Hotel, Restaurant and Bar, Canvey Island, Essex, UK

The Benefits of Commercial Solar

Commercial solar panels can make your business more independent, eco-friendly and profitable. Here are some of the benefits of your business going solar:

You can avoid the rising costs of National Grid electricity and rely on the sun, which is free and abundant. This way, you can have more control over your energy bills and budget.

You can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and help fight climate change. Solar energy is clean and renewable, unlike fossil fuels that pollute the air and contribute to global warming. By going solar, you can show your social responsibility and environmental leadership.

You can save money on your energy expenses and invest it in growing your business. Solar panels can lower your electricity consumption and generate income from surplus power that you can sell back to the National Grid or store in batteries. Solar panels can also increase the value of your property and attract more customers.

You can boost your reputation and brand image by being a green business. Customers and employees are more likely to choose a business that cares about the planet and its future. By going solar, you can stand out from your competitors and gain more trust and loyalty.

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We are regularly audited to maintain these nationally recognised accreditations, recognising the high quality of our workmanship, and our customer service.

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Case Study: Dilkes Academy & NXTGEN Powering Education with Solar

Dilkes Academy School Complete Solar Panels Installation Essex UK
Dilkes Academy School Solar Panels on Roof
Dilkes Academy School Inverter


In the midst of December 2023, amidst festive cheer and chilly winds, Dilkes Academy School in South Ockendon, Essex, UK, took a significant step towards environmental sustainability. Partnering with NXTGEN Energy Ltd., the school embraced clean energy by installing a robust solar panel system on its premises. This case study delves into the details of this project, exploring its benefits, challenges, and the potential it holds for similar educational institutions.

Solar Project Details

Installer: NXTGEN Energy Ltd.

Location: Dilkes Academy School, South Ockendon, Essex, UK
Technology: 45 TrinaSolar Vertex S 425W (19kWp) Solar Panels
Installation: December 2023


  • Environmental Impact: The 19kWp system is estimated to generate around 16,000 kWh of clean electricity annually, offsetting roughly 10 tonnes of CO2 emissions. This translates to a significant reduction in the school’s carbon footprint and contributes positively to combating climate change.
  • Financial Savings: Over its lifespan, the system is expected to generate substantial financial savings on electricity bills. These savings can be reinvested in educational resources, infrastructure upgrades, or other school priorities.
  • Educational Value: The solar panels act as a living learning tool, providing teachers and students with a tangible way to understand renewable energy concepts and their practical applications. This fosters environmental awareness and empowers students to become responsible citizens.


  • Roof suitability: Assessing the roof’s structural integrity and ensuring compatibility with the chosen solar panel system was crucial. NXTGEN Energy’s expertise in evaluating and handling such challenges ensured a smooth installation process.
  • Weather considerations: Installing during the winter months presented logistical challenges due to colder temperatures and shorter daylight hours. NXTGEN Energy’s skilled technicians adapted their approach to ensure timely and efficient completion.

Future Potential

Dilkes Academy’s initiative sets a positive precedent for other schools in the UK. As energy costs continue to rise and environmental concerns escalate, solar panels offer a viable solution for educational institutions to secure their energy independence, reduce costs, and promote sustainability. NXTGEN Energy, with its proven track record in school solar panel projects, is well-positioned to guide other schools on their renewable energy journey.


The Dilkes Academy and NXTGEN Energy partnership demonstrates the compelling benefits of integrating solar energy into school infrastructure. By harnessing the power of the sun, Dilkes Academy is not only saving money and reducing its environmental impact, but also fostering a culture of sustainability and environmental awareness among its students. This project paves the way for broader adoption of solar energy in the educational sector, contributing to a greener future for generations to come.

The Dilkes Academy School is an example of how commercial solar panels can help schools (and colleges and universities) cut energy costs, reduce carbon emissions, and attract eco-conscious parents and students. NXTGEN Energy was able to provide a tailored solar energy solution that met the Dilkes Academy’s needs and expectations.

Are you a Academy, School, College or University that is interested in going green with commercial solar panels? Get in contact with us today on 01268 928 690 or email info@nxtgen.ltd for a free quote.

Commercial Solar Panels Case Study: The Oysterfleet Hotel Project

Completed Solar Panel System Install in Oysterfleet Hotel Essex, UK

The Oysterfleet Hotel, Restaurant and Bar

21 Knightswick Road, Canvey Island, Essex SS8 9PA

The Oysterfleet Hotel is a family-run hotel with 40 rooms, a pub, and a restaurant in the town centre of Canvey Island in Essex, UK. The hotel wanted to reduce its energy costs and carbon footprint by investing in solar panels. The hotel contacted NXTGEN Energy, a leading provider of commercial solar panel installations in the UK.

NXTGEN Energy assessed the Oysterfleet hotel’s roof space and energy usage and proposed a 50MW solar PV system with 116 Bluesun 54 cell 425w Solar Panels with a rated efficiency of 21.25% and 3 Solis S5-GC25K Solar Hybrid Inverters. The system would cover about 50% of the hotel’s electricity demand and save about 20 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. The solar panel system would also generate income from the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), a scheme that pays small-scale generators for exporting surplus electricity to the National Grid.

NXTGEN Energy installed the system in early 2023 and connected it to the National Grid. The system has been performing well and generating savings for the Oysterfleet Hotel ever since. The hotel is also considering installing electric vehicle (EV) chargers on site to cater to EV-owning guests and staff in the near future.

The Oysterfleet Hotel is an example of how commercial solar panels can help hotels (and pubs and restaurants) cut energy costs, reduce carbon emissions, and attract eco-conscious customers. NXTGEN Energy was able to provide a tailored solar energy solution that met the Oysterfleet hotel’s needs and expectations.

Commercial Solar Panels Projects

Benyons School Commercial Solar Panels

Commercial solar panels and EV chargers are not only good for the environment, but also for your business. They can help you save money, reduce your carbon footprint and attract more customers. That’s why we at NXTGEN Energy have been installing them for various businesses across the UK. We’ve worked with different types of commercial clients, from factories to cricket clubs & hotels to restaurants, and helped them harness the power of the sun and upgrade their car parking facilities.

The UK Government has a goal to become Net Zero by 2050, which means that the UK will emit no more greenhouse gases than it can remove from the atmosphere. To achieve this, we need to change the way we use energy, especially in the commercial sector, which is the largest energy consumer in the country. We need to switch from fossil fuels like coal and gas to renewable sources, such as solar energy, and from petrol and diesel vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs).

If you want to see how we have helped other businesses go green and become EV-ready, check out our commercial solar panel installations UK. You will see how our team of solar energy experts can help you plug into the sun and help your company join the green revolution!

Our Latest Commercial Solar PV System Work

Photos of our latest installations of Commercial Solar Panels, Solar Inverters and Solar Battery Storage for businesses across the UK

Somers Heath School Complete
Somers Heath School Complete
Somers Heath School Complete
Somers Heath School Complete
Jones Ground Mounted Installation Complete
Quarry Hill School Completed Install
Benyons School Commercial Solar Panels
Dilkes Academy School Complete Solar Panels Installation Essex UK
Butler Court Dagenham Essex
Becontree Primary School
Aveley School Essex Secured Commercial Project
Secured Commercial Project Barking Learning Centre Essex
Osborne Secured Commercial Project Kings Langley
Secured Commercial Project Abbey Leisure Centre Barking Essex UK
Somers Heath Secured Commercial Project
Hillingdon Leisure Centre Secured Project
Starting a Commercial Solar panel Install Photo
Commercial Solar Panel Installation Photo
Commercial Install Inverter and Batteries Photo
Billericay Cricket Club Commercial Solar Installation Photo

Commercial Solar Panels FAQs

Looking for more information on Commercial Solar Panels – here are some of the common questions we’re frequently asked.

If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us on 01268 928 690, via our Contact Page, or via email at info@nxtgen.ltd and ask, we are here to help.


What is Commercial Solar?

Commercial solar is the use of solar energy to power businesses, such as factories and offices. Commercial solar panels are usually bigger than residential ones, because they need to capture more sunlight and produce more electricity. The most common types of commercial solar panels are Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline, which are also used in homes. By switching to solar energy, businesses can lower their energy bills and their environmental impact.

Do you require planning permission to install solar panels for business?

Most businesses and community buildings can install solar panels without planning permission, as long as they follow some rules. These rules are meant to reduce the visual impact of the solar panels on the building and the area. For example, the solar panels should not stick out too much from the roof or the wall, or be too close to the edge. They should also not face a road in some protected areas, such as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Ground-mounted solar panels should not be bigger than 9m2. However, some buildings or sites that are historically important, such as listed buildings or ancient monuments, need planning permission to install solar panels. The same applies to solar PV systems that are larger than 50kW. If you are not sure about the planning requirements for your solar panel installation, you can always ask us at NXTGEN Energy. We have years of experience in the solar industry and we can help you with any solar questions.

Do I need to consider a battery storage with commercial solar?

A solar battery can store the excess electricity that your solar panels produce, so you can use it later when you need it. This can be useful if your business works outside the normal hours or has a large rooftop that can generate more power than you use. However, not every business needs a solar battery. It depends on how much energy you use and when. To find out if a solar battery is right for you, you can book a free consultation and survey with us at NXTGEN Energy. We will design a solar system that suits your needs. Call us today on 01268 928 690 to book yours!

Are there any government incentives or funding options for commercial solar panels?

The UK wants to cut its emissions to zero by 2050. It offers some grants and incentives to help businesses use more solar energy and save money and carbon. These include:

  • Low Carbon Workspaces: Up to ÂŁ5,000 for low-carbon upgrades, such as solar panels, for small and medium businesses in some areas of England.
  • Power Purchase Agreement: No upfront cost for solar panels installed and maintained by an investor. The business can buy the solar electricity at a cheaper rate than the grid.
  • Super Deduction: 130 per cent tax relief on qualifying plant and machinery investments, such as solar panels, from April 2021 to March 2023.

To learn more, contact us at NXTGEN Energy. We can help you go solar and save money and the planet. Call us on 01268 928 690 today.

How much do solar panels for businesses cost?

The cost of a commercial solar installation varies depending on the project size, energy usage and extras, such as batteries or EV chargers. Contact us for our latest commercial solar package prices, which include:

  • Solar PV panels supplied and installed by NXTGEN Energy
  • An inverter, isolators and cabling
  • Testing and certification, including MCS

You can also benefit from grants, schemes and finance options that make commercial solar affordable and green.

Does your business have to own the site in order to install commercial solar panels?

Solar is a great option if your business has a large roof or land area, and plans to stay on the site for at least 10 years. It is best if the business owns the property or has a long-term lease on it.