Electricity and energy consumption are major expenses for manufacturing and logistics businesses, as they need them to operate machinery, illuminate and heat their facilities, and transport their goods. Warehouse solar panels can significantly reduce these costs and enhance the company’s financial performance, while also contributing to its sustainability objectives.

Installing commercial solar panels on your warehouse

Warehouses are known for their large size and flat surfaces, which make them suitable for photovoltaic panel installation. The panels can be optimally placed to maximize solar exposure and multiple arrays can be fitted on spacious rooftops. Since warehouses are usually located in industrial zones with other commercial buildings, the visual appeal of warehouse solar panels is less of a concern than in residential or rural areas. On the contrary, warehouse solar panels can enhance the appearance of a bland roof and encourage nearby businesses to adopt them as well.

A long-term business investment

Commercial renewable energy projects are most effective when the business plan allows for long-term investment. Warehouse solar panels entail an upfront cost for their acquisition and installation, as well as ongoing expenses for annual service and regular maintenance. However, the longer the warehouse solar panels operate, the more they can reduce the company’s energy expenditure on heating, lighting, and machinery. Excess electricity can also be fed back to the National Grid, generating additional revenue for the commercial property over time.

Climate change, sustainability and the journey to net zero

Business plans and corporate objectives are increasingly aligned with the green agenda. Manufacturing and logistics businesses have higher carbon and energy footprints than other sectors. Hence, warehouse solar panels can significantly mitigate the carbon impact of fossil fuels and promote the transition to renewable energy sources. Warehouse solar panels can generate electricity that can enhance the sustainability performance of these businesses and help them achieve their targets of lowering carbon emissions and reaching net zero.

Employee engagement and productive PR

Climate change initiatives are a key factor for many companies to attract qualified employees and promote their environmental efforts in the media. Increasingly, people prefer to work for companies that share their values of sustainability and conservation. Finding and retaining skilled manufacturing and logistics staff is challenging due to the high demand and competition. Displaying your warehouse solar panels that help reduce fossil fuel dependence can be a powerful incentive for potential employees. Moreover, warehouse solar panels can enhance your company’s PR and marketing materials. They provide appealing visuals for promotional photos and the data on how much energy is generated, stored and sold to the National Grid can reinforce your green agenda.

Future proofing for your warehouse business

Warehouse solar panels are the beginning of a company-wide transition to renewable energy and green electricity production. An effective and efficient solar panel system can motivate other actions that will make the company more resilient. Reducing dependence on oil, gas and other fossil fuels for manufacturing or logistics operations can offer stability in times of geopolitical and conflict uncertainty. The concept can extend to other facets of the business. For instance, electric or hybrid vehicles can transport goods and move pallets in the warehouse. Employees can be encouraged to use electric vehicles for their daily commute. Electric charging stations and bike racks can be set up in the parking lot. These can be powered by warehouse solar panels to enhance the alignment between existing green energy initiatives and employees’ sustainable resources.

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FAQ: Commercial Solar Panels

What is Commercial Solar?

Commercial solar is the use of solar energy to power businesses, such as factories and offices. Commercial solar panels are usually bigger than residential ones, because they need to capture more sunlight and produce more electricity. The most common types of commercial solar panels are Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline solar panels, which are also used in homes. By switching to solar energy, businesses can lower their energy bills and their environmental impact.

Why should my business invest in commercial solar?

Saving money is the main reason why businesses in the UK go solar. You can lower your energy bills and use the extra cash for other things. Current UK Government incentives make it even better. Going solar is good for the environment too. It lowers the carbon footprint of the business, and many people care about that and choose where to work or buy based on that information. Setting these solar energy goals early will make the solar research easier. It will help with the proposal and ROI (Return On Investment) analysis when you talk to a solar design team, like NXTGEN Energy Ltd.

How much does a commercial solar energy system cost?

Commercial solar is not the same for everyone. Each solar PV system is different. The price depends on your solar energy goals and your building details. For example, roof space, and infrastructure. How much energy do you use during the day or the night? How much tax do you pay and can solar incentives help? These and other factors affect the cost and the energy output of commercial solar panels. A good commercial solar consultant, like the team at NXTGEN Energy can help you with the process and give you a savings and cost estimate that matches your goals and facility.

Are solar panels worth it for businesses in the UK?

Cutting costs is always a good idea for any business in the UK. Solar energy is a great option for that. It may seem pricey at first for your business, but it pays off in the long run. The advantages of solar panels are much bigger than their cost.

Do you require planning permission to install solar panels for businesses in the UK?

Most businesses and community buildings can install solar panels without planning permission, as long as they follow some rules. These rules are meant to reduce the visual impact of the solar panels on the building and the local area.

For example, the solar panels should not stick out too much from the roof or the wall, or be too close to the edge. They should also not face a road in some protected areas, such as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Ground-mounted solar panels should not be bigger than 9m2.

However, some buildings or sites that are historically important, such as listed buildings or ancient monuments, need planning permission to install solar panels. The same applies to solar PV systems that are larger than 50kW.

If you are not sure about the planning requirements for your solar panel installation, you can always ask us at NXTGEN Energy. We have years of experience in the solar industry and we can help you with any solar questions.

Do I need to consider a battery storage with commercial solar panels?

A solar battery can store the excess electricity that your solar panels produce, so you can use it later when you need it. This can be useful if your business works outside normal business hours or has a large rooftop that can generate more solar power than you use. However, not every business needs a solar battery. It depends on how much energy you use and when. To find out if a solar battery is right for you, you can book a free consultation and survey with us at NXTGEN Energy. We will design a commercial solar PV system that suits your needs. Call us today on 01268 928 690 to book!

Will solar panels power my building when the National Grid is down?

Solar panels do not work if the National Grid is down. This is for technical and regulatory reasons. Technically, solar panels make power when the sun is up. They send extra power to the National Grid for a credit. They get power from the National Grid when they need more. This is a balance. Commercial solar helps you buy less power in the day and save money. Regulations are the other reason. Solar arrays can be dangerous for repair crews if they send power to the National Grid during outages. So energy rules say solar arrays must shut down when the National Grid is down.

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