Imagine waking up to the quiet hum of your solar panels, generating clean energy to power your home. It’s a beautiful image, symbolizing lower electricity bills and sustainability. But what if a gang of birds decided the solar panels on your roof were the perfect spot for their new condo complex? Unfortunately, this idyllic scene can turn into a maintenance headache if you don’t consider bird proofing for your solar panels.

Bird Proofing for More Than Just Clean Panels

Let’s face it, most solar websites tell you the basics: bird droppings are acidic and can damage solar panels, bird nests can block sunlight, and so on. But there’s more to the story. According to the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO), the UK is currently home to a whopping 170 million birds (over 2.5 times the population of the UK of 67 million), with 18 million being those notorious nest-builders, feral pigeons [source: BTO]. These feathered friends can wreak havoc on your solar panels in surprising ways.

Unforeseen Problems Caused by Birds

One often-overlooked concern is the fire risk. Birds often use twigs, leaves, and other debris to build their nests. If this flammable material accumulates near electrical components, like all the wiring underneath your solar panels, it could become a fire hazard. Additionally, aggressive birds like gulls have been known to damage wiring with their sharp beaks, causing electrical problems [source: BOXT].

Bird Droppings: More Than Just a Mess

Now, you might be thinking, “a little cleaning isn’t so bad.” But consider this: bird droppings can harbour diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Regularly cleaning underneath your panels to remove bird droppings and nesting materials becomes not just a chore, but a potential health hazard.

Invest in Peace of Mind with Bird Proofing

So, what can you do? Bird proofing is an investment that can save you time, money, and potentially prevent a fire hazard. NXTGEN Energy offers a variety of bird proofing solutions for UK homeowners, from mesh barriers that humanely deter birds to discreet and effective bird spike systems or the all enclosing SolaSkirt system.

Enjoy the Benefits of Solar, Worry-Free

By taking proactive steps to keep your solar panels bird-free, you can ensure your solar investment continues to generate clean energy for years to come. Isn’t a worry-free, eco-friendly home powered by the sun exactly what you signed up for?

Here at NXTGEN Energy we can bird proof your solar panels. If you need to bird proof your solar panels due to pigeons, other birds or pests contact us on 01268 928 690 or info@nxtgen.ltd or click on the ‘Enquire Now’ button below for a free no-obligation quote for solar panel bird proofing. We can install bird proofing mesh or SolaSkirt which is a premium bird proofing solution. Remember we need to know how many solar panels you have on your roof to work out your quote, as solar panel bird proofing is priced per solar panel.

.I hope this blog post helps you understand how to protect your solar panels from birds and other pests. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below. Thank you for reading!

Bird Proofing Solar Panels in the UK: Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need bird proofing for my solar panels?

While bird droppings can be a nuisance, there’s more to the story. Birds can create fire hazards with their nests, damage wiring with their beaks, and their droppings can harbour diseases that can be transmitted to humans.

What are the biggest risks birds pose to solar panels?

Fire Risk: Bird nests made of twigs, leaves and other flammable materials can become fire hazards near electrical components, like the wiring underneath your solar panels. Electrical Damage: Aggressive birds like gulls can damage wiring with their beaks. Health Risks: Bird droppings can harbour diseases transmissible to humans.

I clean my solar panels regularly. Isn’t that enough?

Regular cleaning your solar panels is important, but it can be a chore and doesn’t address the fire risk or potential health hazards from bird droppings. Bird proofing saves you time and protects your solar panel investment.

What kind of bird proofing solutions are available?

There are several humane options, such as mesh barriers, bird spike systems and the enclosed SolaSkirt system. NXTGEN Energy offers a variety of solutions for UK homeowners.

How much does bird proofing cost?

The cost of bird proofing depends on the size of your solar panel system and the chosen method as it is priced for the distance (in meters) of the outer edge of your solar panel array. However, it’s an investment that can save you money in the long run by preventing solar panel and wiring damage and cleaning costs.

Can I install bird proofing myself?

While some DIY solutions exist for bird proofing your solar panels, professional installation is recommended to ensure it’s done correctly and doesn’t damage your solar panels.

I’m interested in bird proofing my solar panels. What’s the next step?

Contact NXTGEN Energy for a free consultation on 01268 928 690 or email: info@nxtgen.ltd. They can assess your needs and recommend the best bird proofing solution for your UK home.

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