NXTGEN Energy Ltd are proud to be MCS Certified Installers. But what does that mean for you?

MCS certification is a mark of true high quality and workmanship. In becoming an MCS certified installer, we are showing our continuing commitment to protecting our customers, and guaranteeing a high quality service under oath of the Consumer Code. Our ability to adhere to the recognised industry standards, whilst providing a 5-star customer service, is something we are very proud to shout about.

Whether it’s Solar Panels, Solar Batteries or EV Electric Vehicle Chargers, you know you are in good hands when you choose NXTGEN Energy Ltd, your solar energy specialists in installing Solar Panels, Solar Batteries and EV Chargers in homes and businesses across the UK.

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Who are MCS and what do they have to do with solar energy?

MCS or the Microgeneration Certificate Scheme, is a renewable energy standard organisation in the UK. MCS certification covers low-carbon installation and renewable energy products, such as Solar Panels, Solar Batteries, Solar Thermal and SAHP (Solar Assisted Heat Pump). The MCS certified installer scheme is a symbol of high quality, supported by the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (more on them in a minute). The scheme aims to give consumers confidence in committing to eco-friendly green technologies, by maintaining high standards of solar energy installation and customer care through their governing body.

Launched in 2008, with the support of the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), which became part of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in July 2016 and then became the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero in 2023, the MCS certified installer scheme has provided reassurance to thousands of homeowners in the UK with the desire to install solar energy products like solar panels (also called Solar PV), solar battery storage, and air source heat pumps. That’s why when you choose an MCS Certified installer like NXTGEN Energy Ltd you know you will be working with a professional and high-quality solar business, with depths of expertise. Because why settle for anything less, than the very best in Solar PV installation?

NxtGen Energy's MCS Certification

What does it mean to be a MCS Certified Installer?

In order for a solar energy company to become an MCS certified installer, we had to pass a very rigorous assessment, as well as completing regular annual audits to ensure the high standards required by the MCS don’t slip. Being an MCS certified Solar PV installer, is a demonstration of NxtGen Energy’s commitment towards high quality installations and industry compliance. The MCS certification gives you, our customers, a trust mark in our competence and the expertise of our solar panel installers.

For NXTGEN Energy being an MCS certified installer is an honour that we take very seriously. As it means that MCS are confident in our ability to install solar energy products and provide quality customer care through every stage of the process of buying solar energy products. It also means we are part of the industry’s community that ensures excellent solar energy services and products for all. MCS wants to give people confidence in home-grown energy, and NXTGEN Energy wants to install it! After all, the more solar energy we install, the better it is for our customers with the cost savings they save on their electricity bills and it’s better for the planet.

Why you should always choose a MCS Certified Installer

Choosing to install solar energy technologies such as Solar PV, Solar Panels, Solar Batteries, Solar Inverters or SAHP can be a large financial commitment. Nevertheless, it is a commitment towards a more sustainable future and making us all less reliant on fossil fuels. Making the change to solar energy is an important planet-saving decision. However, by working with an MCS certified installer you can be sure that you are making the right decision. Don’t have any solar energy technologies installed unless the installer is MCS Certified, it’s not worth the risk.

Reasons to choose a MCS Certified Installer

UK Government Scheme Eligibility

To be eligible for any government incentives you will require an MCS certificate. For example, in order to receive export payments under the government’s Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) scheme. Here at NXTGEN Energy we offer MCS certification with all our Solar Panel Installations. More importantly, some home insurance providers and mortgage lenders now require MCS certification for solar energy technologies installed at a property. Not having an MCS certificate can therefore impact your property’s resale value in the future.

Peace of Mind

By choosing a MCS certified installer, you will not only get a high-quality installation but you will also gain peace of mind. This is because all MCS certified installers are also registered with the Trading Standards Institute Consumer Code. These Codes ensure complete customer protection.

Expert Assessment

As a MCS certified installer, NXTGEN Energy is required to assess your energy needs before proposing to fix a solar energy system. This assessment is free of charge, and is enforced to ensure your needs are at the forefront of all our solar energy designs and solar panel installations. To request a Free Quote with a solar panel system design from the solar energy experts here at NXTGEN Energy, simply click the enquire now button.

Customer Care

MCS certified installers are also obliged to provide all their solar energy customers with a handover pack. This pack contains customer care information of your solar energy products, user guidelines for all the solar energy products and of course your MCS certificate, so you know all the work undertaken is of the highest standards in line with industry requirements.

NxtGen Energy Ltd MCS Certification Number NAP-69783

NXTGEN Energy are MCS Certified Solar PV Installers

Home energy will play a huge role in reaching the UK’s target of Net Zero in the near future. That’s why the solar energy industry governing bodies such as MCS are needed, to make the change to solar energy inviting, simple and as stress-free as possible. As MCS certified solar panel Installers, with NXTGEN Energy you are in safe hands. If you would like to receive a Free Quote regarding an MCS certified solar panel installation for your home or your business click the Enquire Now button below. Alternatively, you can reach us on 01268 928 690 or via email at info@nxtgen.ltd quoting ‘MCS’. Remember, with all our MCS solar panel installations a full MCS certificate is provided and you can check our MCS Certification at the official MCS website at https://mcscertified.com/find-an-installer/.

Frequently Asked Questions about the MCS Certification

What does MCS stand for?

MCS stands for the Microgeneration Certificate Scheme, which is a renewable energy standard organisation in the UK. MCS certification covers low-carbon installation and renewable energy products, such as Solar PV, Solar Batteries, Solar Thermal and SAHP (Solar Assisted Heat Pump).

What are the benefits of using an MCS certified installer?

If you are interested in generating your own energy, it is important to use an MCS certified Installer so that the technology you choose is specified, installed and maintained correctly. MCS is a mark of quality. Using an MCS certified installer ensures that equipment meets good standards of performance and that installers are technically safe and competent. MCS certified Installers have undergone a rigorous vetting process to demonstrate that they adhere to our Standards. These Standards demonstrate a commitment to quality. They will also be a member of a Consumer Code which means strengthened customer protection for you. If your solar energy technology is eligible for a government incentive, you will need to be able to provide MCS certification to claim this.

What is a Consumer Code?

It is mandatory for all our MCS certified Installers to be registered with a Trading Standards Institute (TSI) Consumer Code. These Codes are there to ensure consumer protection and your installer’s membership of a Consumer Code, means that they must go above and beyond minimum consumer law obligations. Your Installer’s Consumer Code can assist with pre-sale and contractual issues. It provides an extra level of protection for you if something goes wrong with your installation.

How can I get my MCS certificate?

Your Installer should issue your MCS certificate within 10-working days of your installation being completed. You can check whether an MCS certificate exists by calling the MCS Helpdesk on 0333 103 8130. You will need to know the technology type of the system and the full address (including postcode) of where the system is installed. If you have never received a certificate, if you require a copy of your certificate or, if you require an amendment, you should contact your original MCS certified installer in the first instance to request this. If your original Installer is no longer MCS certified or, is no longer trading, then the MCS Helpdesk Team will support you with your certificate query.

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