In a significant development for the renewable energy sector, the end of 2023 witnessed the largest quarterly surge in battery energy storage. According to Modo Energy (https://modoenergy.com), a renowned energy research consultancy, a staggering 420MW of new battery energy storage capacity became commercially operational during this period.

This remarkable achievement represents a remarkable 13% increase compared to the previous quarter (Q3), setting a new record for the highest quarterly surge in operating battery capacity in the UK. The previous record, set in Q2 2023, stood at 413MW (megawatts).

It is worth highlighting that this additional capacity has propelled the UK’s operational grid-scale battery energy storage capacity to an impressive 4.6GWh (Gigawatt hours). Modo Energy also confirmed that a record-breaking 1.5GW of battery storage was added throughout 2023, making it the most productive year in terms of capacity expansion.

During the quarter, eight new projects commenced commercial operation, including two substantial 99MW projects owned by Harmony Energy Income Trust and the Sosteneo Fund. Notably, Sosteneo’s Richborough Energy Park battery successfully connected to a local power substation in December 2023, following its acquisition from developer Pacific Green in July 2023, as reported by the Solar Power Portal.

Modo Energy’s Q4 statistics also revealed that six of the batteries, accounting for 64% of the new capacity, had a two-hour duration. This has consequently raised the average duration of battery storage in the UK to 1.3 hours.

Furthermore, 1.2GW of capacity in the pipeline was expected to be operational in Q4, with an additional 111MW delayed from previous quarters. However, based on historical buildout rates, Modo Energy projects that between 250 and 500MW of this capacity will actually become operational. The 420MW that did come online represents the upper end of this range, but there remains a backlog of solar projects yet to be completed.

As we navigate towards a more sustainable energy future, it’s clear that solar battery storage play a vital role in optimizing the performance and economic viability of solar panel installations. By providing a means to store and utilize surplus solar energy, batteries contribute to grid independence, peak demand management, and overall cost savings. As technology continues to advance and the importance of clean energy intensifies, the marriage of solar panels and solar batteries stands as a beacon of hope for a greener and more sustainable world. Contact us today on 01268 928 690 or click on the ‘Enquire Now’ button below to learn more about how solar batteries can benefit your home or business!

FAQ: Solar Battery Storage

What does a battery do in a solar panel system?

Batteries act as energy banks, storing excess solar power generated during the day for use when the sun isn’t shining. This smooths out energy production and helps you rely less on the National Grid.

What types of batteries are used in solar setups?

Common choices include:
Lithium-ion: Compact, efficient, long lifespan, but pricier.
Lead-acid: Affordable, less efficient, good for larger systems.
Flow batteries: Scalable, safe, promising for large-scale storage.

Why should I consider adding a battery to my solar panels?

Batteries offer several benefits:
Energy independence: Reduce reliance on the grid and potentially lower your electricity bills.
Smooth power supply: Enjoy consistent power even at night or during cloudy days.
Cost savings: Avoid peak demand charges by using stored energy during expensive times.
Potential income: Sell surplus energy back to the grid in some regions.

Are there any downsides to using batteries?

The main drawbacks are:
Initial cost: Adding a battery increases the upfront investment for your solar PV system.
Lifespan: Batteries eventually need replacement, though newer technologies are improving durability.
Maintenance: Requires periodic monitoring and care to ensure optimal performance.

Where can I learn more about solar batteries?

Check out the National Grid website for reliable information and recommendations on battery storage for solar installations. You can also contact professional solar panel installers in your area like NXTGEN Energy for personalized advice.

Bonus tip: Remember, investing in batteries is a decision based on your specific needs and energy usage patterns. Talk to a solar expert to determine if battery storage is the right choice for you!

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